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Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a technology-based journalist in New York City, touts an ABC for mobile media.

Always Be Charged.

“If you leave the house in the morning and you don’t have a plan for keeping your mobile devices charged throughout the entire day, you are not prepared completely for the demands of mobility in journalism,” he told a capacity crowd at a Society of Professional Journalists/Kiplinger Program JournCamp in New York City.


Port Solar Charger

Devices for charging are plentiful and in the past few years they’ve saturated the market. Down from the common price of $100 or more of a couple of years ago, you can pick up smaller amp chargers (around 2200 mAh) at flea markets or box stores for $5.

I own three such chargers; one sports a smart Kiplinger logo.

But, chargers, no matter how small, require pockets, purses, cases or a wider hand. Just above that hand is a wrist and while the technology hasn’t overwhelmed the market to date (many solar bracelets are still in development stage and crowd-funding mode), there are some reasonable products on the market worthy of your consideration.


Solar Hug

Strolling through the myriad of country exhibits at the 2015 World Expo in Milan in October, I stumbled upon a solar-powered bracelet touted by a Slovakian company called Solar Hug. Available in three styles, they will cost about $100 and will generate about 1.5 volts of energy. One minute gives you 2 percent battery life. It also sports a 128 GB flash drive within.

Not to be outdone, Energybionics has been producing a wrist watch called Carbon that can collect solar energy or take a DC current. Priced at $175, the watch offers an analog face for telling time and charging ports located where most watches have stems. The watch also charges a GoPro camera.

If you are committed to the carry-along chargers, here is a list of the top 30 charging devices as determined by

Ever been caught in mid-flight with a depleted cell phone battery? Reach into that “one personal item” you’ve carted onboard and pull out this device. It pulls solar power from your above-cloud location and converts it to a fully charged phone. So you don’t freak out fellow passengers, you might want to let your flight attendant know what this device is before suctioning it to a window.

Speaking of solar, if you want to be environmentally friendly you can consider these 2015 sun-powered charging units that range in price from $150 to $20.

Cords can be messy when trying to connect a mobile phone to a charging unit. Keep is simple with this charge key, which fits on your keyring.

As technology advances and the prices fall in relation, there’s no excuse for journalists not to have backup charging devices and a plan when they leave the house every day.


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