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A digital revolution is changing the way we communicate. The Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism offers fellowships, workshops, hands-on learning labs, presentations at regional and national journalism conferences, and other training to enhance reporting and storytelling.


Kip on the road

Kiplinger will be in Florida and Jamaica in November. If you'd like to have Kiplinger at your upcoming journalism conference, contact us.


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Kiplinger Program  @kipprogram
Panama Papers journalists receiving threats around the world for their investigation. https://t.co/GHhuA34kdG… https://t.co/yyaJDr9Q09 
Kiplinger Program  @kipprogram
That drone overhead may be there because of Apple's fight with Google to help you with directions. #Kipcamphttps://t.co/hHJhwFpsGu